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  • GamerCon is looking for any gamers interested in Blood Bowl. The GamerCon Gang would like to start a Blood Bowl league and is seeking San Diego area interest. Email in**@te*************.com for more information.

    • Hello!
      Great to hear from you. I’ll be in touch (hopefully tomorrow) with info for you. Sorry for the lack of a list of our lineup. I’ll get in touch with our RPG guy and let you know what he says. Any suggestions from your end?

      • Hello- RPG action at GameCon! We’ve got Starfinder, DCC Weird West, Avatar- The Last Airbender, Troika, Paranoia, Alien, Star Trek, and a few other games. Any suggestions? Let us know. Get ready to COME AND PLAY! 

  • Hello Gamers!
    Am I will be moving into the Carlsbad area and am looking forward to gaming at your GamerCon especially the RPG end and the miniatures games ( looks like I came here at the right moment)

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