GamerCon Board Games

The CHALLENGER HALL contains a vast array of board games. There is also the opportunity to tryout new games at the Unpub tables. A great chance to meet local game developers and try out their amazing creations up close and personal.

GamerCon Video Games

The VIDEO GAME ARENA features a multitude of classic computer and console games to excite and challenge even the most seasoned gamer. The VIDEO GAME ARENA also offers overnight Lock-In events for those gamers ready to battle it out all night. Who knows? You might even stumble across some of the ghosts that inhabit the Tenth Avenue Arts Center.

GamerCon Role Playing Games

Epic action awaits you in the RPG DEN. An excellent opportunity to venture into the vast world of your imagination. Be a part of the exciting journeys that are created in the RPG DEN each day at GamerCon!

GamerCon Miniature Games

GamerCon's WAR ROOM is the ideal setting for miniature gaming action. Exciting miniature competition including tournament play is your chance to battle against the best. Additionally, the headquarters for a miniature painting professional is located in the WAR ROOM. You can check out the amazing miniature creations and even paint your own pieces.

GamerCon News & Updates

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