Downtown San Diego’s First/Last/Best/Worst/Only Board game convention!

Come And Play board games of all shapes and sizes with hundreds of other people! We’ll have a huge selection of games to play, and you can bring your own games too!

-Floors of both casual and heavy Board Games!
-Game Library of Hundreds of hand-selected high-quality games for all skill level generously provided in partnership  with the EsCon Board Game Convention
-Party Game Area
-Super Heavyweight Games Room
-Hot Snack Bar, or BYO food in from the countless restaurants in Downtown SD
-Lots of other people who will want to play board/card/Roleplaying games with you
-Hang out and meet new friends! Discover new Game Groups, and play the games you’d never be able to play anywhere else due to size, budget, players, or time!

GamerCon Board Games

Venture into the DRAGON'S HALL and enjoy a vast array of board games provided by the great folks of Escon. There is also the opportunity to tryout new games at the Unpub tables. A great chance to meet local game developers and try out their amazing creations up close and personal.

GamerCon Video Games

The VIDEO GAME LOUNGE features a multitude of computer games to excite and challenge even the most seasoned gamer. The always popular RETROCADE is stocked with those great console video games of the past that will bring out the nostalgic gamer from within.

GamerCon Role Playing Games

Epic RPG action in the ROGUES DEN will give you an excellent opportunity to venture into the vast world of your imagination. You can also join the great members of the Adventurers League who gather in LICH'S TOMB for intense D & D campaigns. Be a part of the exciting journeys that are created in these two areas each day during GamerCon! In addition, the Gamercon Market Place will be featured. Browse, trade and shop for all things gaming.

GamerCon Gallery

GamerCon is proud to feature talented local artists who capture the world of gaming in a wide variety of artistic styles. Framed prints from the gaming world are also on display. Purchase an original piece of art and/or the perfect poster that will truly enhance your gaming decor. You can make your art even more personal by commissioning one of the artists to create a masterpiece just for you!

Tickets information will be posted down the line.

GamerCon News & Updates

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Hello Gamers!

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