For almost 10 years GamerCon has been a staple in San Diego's summertime convention scene. Bringing both sides of gaming together GamerCon is a convention designed by Gamers for Gamers. Just like the games themselves no two gamers are the same, and we strive to create the perfect gaming experience to bring our community together. Whether you enjoy playing trading card games, have a huge collection of classic board games, are a console gamer, an avid adventurer in role-playing games, a PC gamer, or a miniatures gamer GamerCon has something for you. GamerCon is also a great place to come and check out new titles, or even test your own gaming ideas!

Art and design are a huge part of gaming. GamerCon is unique in its efforts to incorporate the arts into the spirit of our convention. From concept art, character design, 3D animation, illustration, painting and layout design; to the local artists, musicians, geek theatre and short film makers. GamerCon strives to be a place where people come together to celebrate art inspired by gaming. With our Art Gallery, Concert Series, Theatre Production and Industry panels, we at GamerCon strive to have something there for everyone, no matter what type of gaming enthusiast people are.

Our Vision

GamerCon is a San Diego Company formed By Gamers For Gamers, that is dedicated to bringing exciting experiences throughout the year! Our events are a celebration of geek and gamer culture, featuring a multifaceted gaming experience that includes: video, board , trading card, table top war, role playing, LARP, and other interactive events. As well as continuing a focus on arts, Entertainment and education as it applies to the world of gaming.

Our Mission

GamerCon was founded By Gamers For Gamers, to bring the Southern California geek and gamer culture a place to celebrate the best in all things gaming. Come and Play!

A few Facts

  • GamerCon 2016: Level Up, marks our 7th year as San Diego's first Gaming Convention.

  • With over 1500 Attendees in 2015, GamerCon is looking at a future dedicated to growth in both the Southern California convention season and the Southern California gaming community.

  • With Volunteers and Staff pulled from some Southern California's gaming, film and theatre industry we look to move only further in accomplishing our next milestones!

Some of our Past Sponsors