September 23rd, 2017


This month's exciting VOIDSTATE includes some of the most popular games available today. We are featuring a little known company called Blizzard Entertainment. And will be hosting tournaments in... Overwatch Heroes of the Storm Hearthstone Starcraft II

We are going to be pre-registering for the tournaments for this event, as we expect it to be huge. Once you purchace your ticket, you will receive an email with the information on the tournament events and how to register as an individual or as a team.

Thank you for attending VOIDSTATE!

Our First VOIDSTATE was awesome! We couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thanks for coming out and playing against us in Overwatch and Dreadnought! A special thanks to our partner LANDiego for providing rental PCs and logistics for the event.

GamerCon’s NPC Volunteer Corps is recruiting! Are you interested in gaming, developing games, or trying to make connections in the industry? Want to be part of our growing Gaming Community? Do you just want to play awesome games? Take your first steps to becoming a part of San Diego's most comprehensive Gaming Convention by filling out our short (and potentially hillarious) Volunteer form.

GamerCon is moving dates!

Looking for something to do in San Diego during August? So were we! Join us for GamerCon August 9th through 12th in 2018! Pre-registration will be available in December.

GamerCon has several awesome events EVERY MONTH!

Take a look at a small sample of the events we have coming up:

  • Smash Brothers 4 Night - September 7th
  • GamerCon BYOC: VOIDSTATE - September 23rd
  • GamerCon BYOC: VOIDSTATE - October 7th
  • Game Day: Survive the Night - October 20th 8pm - October 21st 8am

If you would like to know more,
please check out our full event calendar (coming soon)!

We hope to see you at our future events.

Come and Play!