GamerCon 2017

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GamerCon: At a Glance

    Wednesday July 5th

  • 6:00 pm - 12:00 am
  • Check In Opens at 6 pm
  • Hall of Gamers
    • Opening Ceremony: 6:30 pm
    • Open Gaming
  • Board Game Arena: Open Play
  • Unpub Tavern: Coming Soon!
  • Console Arena: Open Play
  • Forum Theater: Short Movies

    Thursday July 5th

  • Coming Soon!

    Friday July 6th

  • Coming Soon!

    Saturday July 7th

  • Coming Soon!

    Sunday July 8th

  • Coming Soon!
Check our Live Schedule, for up to date event listings.

Tournament Schedule

2nd Annual Goblin's Challenge

Got what it takes to become the ultimate Gamer in Southern California?

Compete for one of the 10 places in GamerCon 2017's Goblin Challenge. Just like last year at our main event in July we will be hosting a set of ten gaming challenges to see who will take away the Golden Goblin!

Goblin Challenge Sign-Ups.

Forum Theater Schedule

Coming Soon!

PC Tournaments

Coming soon!

Console Arena Tournaments

Coming Soon!

Board Gaming Arena Tournaments

Coming Soon!

War Gaming Tournaments

Coming Soon!

About GamerCon 2017

Hall of Gamers

Located on the 1st floor the Hall of Gamers is dedicated to all things video gaming. Check out some of the latest Console and PC Titles, or spend some time in our Cyberpunk themed Retrocade.

PC Gaming Arena

The PC Gaming Arena hosts several modern networked PCs and is located on the main floor. This built in LAN Party will host several of GamerCon's Tournaments, including: League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Smite and many more. Enjoy hours of open play or check our Tournament Schedule to sign up to compete in any of the GamerCon Gaming League or LANDiego hosted challenges. Earn Dragon Coins in daily contests, staff challenges and lighting tournaments, to spend at the Minion Market.

Console Coliseum

Located in the stadium seating surrounding the PC Gaming Arena, our Console Coliseum includes several PS4 and XBoxOnes, as well as some last generation systems. Networked for both competitive and co-operative LAN gaming action, enjoy hours of open play or check out our Tournament Schedule to sign up to compete in any of the GamerCon Gaming League or LANDiego hosted challenges! Check out titles like: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Gears of War 4, Street Fighter V, Left 4 Dead 2, and many more. Earn Dragon Coins in daily contests, staff challenges and lighting tournaments, to spend at the Minion Market.


Located at the back of the Main Stage and decorated like a 80s Cyberpunk Arcade, the Retrocade is dedicated to several classic systems. Including: NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Atari and several retro arcade machines, you can play titles such as: Crazy Taxi, Duck Hunt, Darkstalkers, Legend of Zelda, and many more. This slice of nostalgic gaming is a popular feature and shouldn't be missed.

Silver Dragon Lounge

Located on the mezzanine level our Silver Dragon Lounge is the perfect place for a quick rest. Grab a chair, enjoy a snack, soda, or beer and engage in some casual gaming goodness. Feel free to challenge your friends with any portable gaming devices, or check out a copy of Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, Checker, Chess, or any of our other more casual party game titles.

The Dragon's Hall

Located on the 3rd floor is our fully loaded gaming arena, The Dragon's Hall. Set aside for all things tabletop, check out a game from our library or see what demos our friends from The Guild House and Steven Jackson Games have available. Our open tables are set aside for everything including: Trading Card Games, Dice Games, RPG in a Box Titles, Classic Titles and much more. Check out our Tournament Schedules to earn Dragon Coins in daily contests and challenges.

UnPub Tavern

Just down the road from The Dragon's Lair, on the third floor, is the UnPub Tavern. Check out some of the newest, currently in development titles in: card games, board games, role playing games, party games and more. Grab a snack, soda, wine or beer while playing and connect with the designers and testers currently showing off their titles! Hosted by Gerrod from Axenic Games, the UnPub Tavern is an amazing and inspiring place to learn about new titles while helping to provide the feedback our designers are looking for!
Are you a Designer with a Card Game, Role Playing Game, Board Game, Party Game or other title to test out? Register with Axenic for table space today!

The Forum Theater

Located on the 4th floor is the Forum Theater, our one stop shop for panels, interactive workshops and our short Internet movie theater experience. A daily schedule will be available soon!

The Lich's Tomb

Just down the road from the Forum Theater and located on the 4th floor is your place for all things Role Playing! The Lich's Tomb features several role playing tables hosting titles from both the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. A Schedule will be available soon!

The Roof

You made it to the Roof! Drop on by The Slobbering Troll for a drink and either lounge or check out one of our party game titles. Our Live Performances will be held on Friday and Saturday, this schedule is still being finalized!

Artist Walk

This year at GamerCon we are inviting local artists to hang their artwork throughout the venue. The Tenth Avenue Arts Center has several wall spaces for your prints and originals! If you would like to hang art throughout the halls of the event please email: Ryan Berry for details!